I am artist and educator who grew up in the Unification Church, a group better known as “The Moonies,” which is often described by the media as a primary example of a cult.

After fighting my way out of a forced arranged marriage to a stranger, I left the cult in my early twenties. It was at this time that I also discovered photography and began using it as a healing tool in my journey. Since then I’ve gone on to exhibit internationally, in both group and solo shows. My work was also a third place winner in the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, and a top 200 finalist in Critical Mass.

Today I write and speak at events using my experience as a lens for the healing and liberation that occurs when we access our inner voice and share our stories, paving the way for others to find their own paths to freedom.

I also teach workshops and classes for adults and teens with a local non-profit that provides outreach to support personal growth, foster self-expression, and enhance human services through the arts to build a shared sense of community. Many of my students have gone on to receive full or near-full arts-based scholarships to the college of their choice, and have received national awards for their work.

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