Jen Kiaba is an artist and educator who grew up the infamous Unification Church, a religious group referred to by popular media as “the Moonies” and a primary example of a cult.

After escaping a forced arranged marriage, she fought her way out in her early twenties. After leaving the cult she went on to earn her BA in Art History at Bard College.

As an artist she uses photography to explore the failure of faith and the resulting loss of identity that occurs. Her work has been exhibited internationally, was a third place winner of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, a top 200 finalist in Critical Mass, and an Honorable Mention in the 13th Pollux Award.

Since 2014 she has worked as an educator and mentor with a local non-profit that seeks to empower youth to develop their artistic voice to shape their futures. She also writes and speaks publicly to provide encouragement and tools to fellow artists who are seeking to locate and liberate their inner voice.