Since 2014 I’ve been teaching and speaking about the connection between fear and art, and creating authentic work, using my story as a lens. With a warm, relatable style, I share my experiences to empower others to tap into their creativity and explore healing through visual arts. In doing so, I have worked with everyone from minors dealing with trauma to entrepreneurs looking to express themselves more authentically in their businesses.

Topics include

  • What your fear can tell you about your art.

  • Finding your artist’s voice.

  • Connection and creativity.

I’m also available speak on the topics of high demand groups and coercive control.

If you would like to hire me to speak at your workshop, conference or event, please contact me below:

Fear, Creativity & Connection for Artists. Promoting Passion Convention, 2018. 14 minutes.

Perceptions of Beauty. Fashion Filter Panel, 2014. 16 mins.