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Hi, I'm Jen!


There is deep, meaningful artwork within you.

You just know it.

Some days it’s so close to making its way onto your canvas or through your lens, you can almost smell it.

But then something closes up inside. Fear brushes right behind you, and suddenly you find the moment of inspiration has passed and that elusive work is just out of reach again.

Or maybe the work has finally made its way from your heart onto your paper, but the thought of sharing it with the world makes your throat raw.

Your voice is aching to come out, but the thought of what is on the other side makes your knees weak.

I know exactly what that feels like.

The first time I shared the first images in my Burdens of a White Dress series, my mouth felt like parchment and alarm bells seemed to be going off in my ears.

Sliding my prints across the table to share, I felt like I might pass out from fear. But I held onto consciousness, because more than anything my voice wanted to emerge from its silence.

As both an artist and an educator, my mission is now rooted in helping other artists access that deep inner voice that is aching to come out in their work.

From there, an artist’s work can truly take flight; that’s when it’s time to bring their work into the world.

Because your work has a purpose and an audience it is meant to reach.

Once your work has taken shape it is time to refine your message and share it with the people that it is meant to reach.

But look at me, I've forgotten my manners!


Let me introduce myself:

My name is Jen, and I've got a pretty interesting back story.

I was born and raised in one of the most notorious cults that swept the western world in the 70's and 80's. After fighting and surviving a destructive world of repression and mind-control, I broke free.

Now I share my stories and experience through writing and photography that I use to fight for the freedom of others on a similar path.


This work has won me an international award, and I am sought out by top creatives, authors and business people to create custom-commissioned portraits.

I bring a deep empathy and a precise clarity to both my artistic and my mentoring process, which gives clients unique and soulful portraits, and helps students birth deep meaningful and, often, very healing work.

In both my 1:1 mentoring and the courses I teach, I work artists who are looking to reveal their inner voice and bring it to their fine art practices, while creating powerful gallery-worthy bodies of work. As an artist who has licensed and shown work internationally, and as a digital marketing strategist, I also teach students how to get their work out into the world.

We identify your voice, refine your project, and then bring it out into the world with personalized and soulful marketing strategies designed to help you reach those that your art is meant to touch.

If you’d like to begin your path to creating your deepest work, and then learn how to bring it out into the world, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter, or to join my Beneath the Surface Facebook Group where I share helpful resources and strategies to help you strengthen your voice and visibility in the world!

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