The Path of Artistic Discovery - A Q&A with Fine Art & Boudoir Photographer Ronne Pierce

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The path of an artist is a long and winding road.

Sometimes it can also be an isolating and discouraging one.

So hearing the stories of others can help bolster us when we're feeling lost or like we are unsure of our worth and next steps.

This week for the Facebook Live Q&A in my group, Beneath the Surface, I spoke to Fine Art and Boudoir photographer Ronne Pierce.

Fine Art and Boudoir Photographer Ronne Pierce

Fine Art and Boudoir Photographer Ronne Pierce

Ronne is a talented photographer with a background in figurative painting, whose work, whether fine art or for clients, is all about exploring the connections we have with ourselves and the world around us.

Ronne and I met back when she had reached out to me in 2017 for mentoring, and we worked together for six months on establishing goals and a trajectory for her work.

Already incredibly competent in her craft, Ronne had a very deep understanding of much of her work, and her desires.

What she was struggling with at the time was how to see her work with an objective perspective and see the thread connecting her creative output.

Since our mentorship, Ronne has not only crystallized some very strong bodies of fine art work, but she has also opened a commercial portion of her studio focusing on boudoir and connection in lifestyle photography.

Watching her progress since our mentorship has fascinated and inspired me, and I wanted to sit down with her to talk about what her path had been in discovering that wellspring of passion for her, as well as finding balance between her artistic self and the business self.

In this Q&A you will hear about:

  • How you can discover your voice and passions by exploring different genres of art and photography.

  • The artists and photographers that most inspire Ronne and influence her work.

  • How to take life experiences and make powerful art from them.

  • What happens when you create art off the beaten path, and how to deal with judgement of that kind of work.

  • How fine art and personal experiences translate into a passion that can drive a commercial career.

Watch our interview here:

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