Where to get photography inspiration for your book cover portfolio

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One of the things that photographers tell me the most when they are on their journey to building a photography licensing income stream is that they get stuck on what to shoot!

Sure, they know what they want to shoot for themselves or for their studio clients.

But when it comes to shooting for the book cover market, they are completely lost.

That is totally understandable, and if you're in the same boat I get it!

After all, you probably have your plate full with keeping on top of other trends in the photography industry.

When you add on a completely different market that you're just learning about, it can make a person's head spin.

Believe me, I get it.

This is coming from the gal that spent more hours of her life in a Barnes and Nobel (and more money on frappuccinos) than I would like to admit.

In the years it took me to uncover the ins and outs of the licensing market you would often find me between several stacks of books with my notebook in one hand and that calorie-packed coffee drink in another.

A girl has to fuel up right?

What that did for me is help me build up a mental library of genres that I could use and play around with every time I went into the studio to do a book cover shoot.

In fact, whenever I hired a model I would often try to get several different themes into a single shoot to maximize my time and make the greatest impact on my portfolio.

So, what can you do?

Well, you could invest in some notebooks and start camping out in your nearest bookstore or library

Or, you could save yourself hours of research and all of those coffee drink calories and let me do the work for you!

Because I have, in fact, done the hard work for you by putting together an ebook called Licensed to Thrill of my 30 favorite classic book cover themes.

Now, I say classic themes because these are the ones that I have seen sell year after year.

So you won't see me telling you to photograph sexy teenage vampires, or 50 Shades of Grey style book covers.

While there is nothing wrong with those and are currently very trendy, I wanted to give you the building blocks of a portfolio that could sell for you year after year, no matter what the current trend might be.

This 20 page ebook also goes deep into each theme; I have provided questions or suggestions to help you dive deeper and create something that is true to your voice and your art.

Here is an example page from Licensed to Thrill:

Also included in the ebook are worksheets to help you capture your inspiration, as well as plan for future shoots!

So if you would like to save yourself that time and iced coffee budget, while giving your licensing portfolio a jump start, I want to invite you to check out Licensed to Thrill for only $37!

Just think of all of the iced coffees you can buy with some extra income from photography licensing.

Cheers to you success *clinks glasses*



PS: Licensed to Thrill is also now also a bonus for all students who enroll in Uncovered: Selling Your Art for Book Covers if you're interested in in-depth help in your licensing career, which is a pretty sweet deal!